Moe Berg’s Japan Address

In February of 1942, Moe Berg was pushed into action after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He had just retired from baseball in January and had joined Rockefeller’s Office of Inter American Affairs and was about to leave on a South American mission. Prior to leaving, the U.S. Government asked Berg to address the Japanese people in their own language. By shortwave radio Berg reminded them of the friendship Americans and Japanese had previously shared and about their shared love of baseball.

(excerpt from speech)

“You loved us enough to copy our national game-baseball. We appreciated it when thousands of you gave our All American baseball team a great reception in 1934, waving American flags. I ask you, what sound basis is there for enmity between two peoples who enjoy the same national sport?”

Read more about Moe Berg’s experiences with the Japanese people in Robert Fitt’s Banzai Babe Ruth.

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