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Who was Moe Berg?



Detroit Tigers Hank Greenberg’s home run on May 1 of 1937 puts him at home plate with the Boston Red Sox’s mysterious Spycatcher Moe Berg at Fenway Park! Umpire Charles Johnston looks on, but just who is the Tigers’ batboy? Can anyone identify him and solve this mystery?

Two of Moe Berg’s baseball cards are displayed at the CIA Museum. One of them is pictured above: 1933 Goudey Moe Berg #158.

Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to Moe Berg in 1945 by President Harry Truman as an award for war service. Upon Berg’s death, his sister Ethel received the award on his behalf and donated it to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. (Photo: Milo Stewart Jr. / National Baseball Hall of Fame)

Photograph album presented to participants in the 1934 American baseball tour to Japan by the tour’s sponsor, the Yomiuri newspaper. This album was donated to the Hall of Fame in 1951 by Sotaro Sukuzi, an employee of the newspaper, who also served as the traveling secretary of the All Americans.

a film by Aviva Kempner